About Us

Talaria makes reference to the winged sandals crafted by The Smithing God Hephaestus/Vulcan for The Messenger God Hermes/Mercury.

Our goal is to make our clients feel the power of designing their own shoes, being able to select between tons of possible combinations.

All our shoes are Handcrafted in Spain to ensure quality and beauty.

We are currently based in Düsseldorf; Germany.

Contact Us for any questions or special enquiries.


WOMAN Sizes: 35-42. 

MAN Sizes: 39-50. (For 46+ select "Special Size" and in check-out tab specify the number in notes.)

Extra Height (+2cm) for adding an Insole. Please specify in the check-out tab under notes.

Extra Width (0,5cm-2cm) in order to fit better a wider foot. Please specify in the check-out tab under notes

35 4,5 2,5 22,1 39 6 6 24,6
36 5,5 3,5 22,7 40 7 6,5 25,3
37 6,5 4 23,4 41 8 7 25,7
38 7,5 5 24,1 42 9 7,5 26,7
39 8,5 6 24,7 43 10 8 27,3
40 9,5 6,5 25,4 44 11 9,5 28
41 10,5 7 26 45 12 10,5 28,7
42 11,5 7,5 26,7 46 13 11 29,3
Woman Options:

-Rubber. Thin rubber sole for comfort.

Rubber Sole Woman

-Heel. Rubber sole with a higher heel behind.

Heel Sole

-Track. Thicker version of the Rubber sole with a rugged Outline.

Track Sole Woman

Man Options:

 -Leather. Full leather sole stitched to the shoe.

Leather Sole

 -Mix. Rubber is injected in specific areas of the porous leather sole.

Mix Sole

 -Rubber. Durable Rubber sole stitched to the shoe.

Rubber Sole

-Track. Thicker version of the Rubber sole with a rugged Outline.

Track Sole

 Calf Calf + Waterproof Fur Wool
Goat Interior Fur Interior Wool Interior Boot
Natural Calf leather, soft and very comfortable.

Waterproof membrane is thermal sealed under our Natural Calf Leather Cover to ensure Freshness, Durability and Quality. (It is a bit thicker than the normal Calf interior)

Texalive Logo

Durable soft Fur for warmth and comfort.

Wool for warmth and comfort.

(Natural wool under request)