Size Guide

Our Handmade Shoes will fit perfectly if you follow these steps.

We craft Women Shoes in Sizes EU35-42 and Men Shoes EU42-50 (for sizes 46+ choose "Special" size and specify during checkout under Notes Section).

If you are doubtful about your size, please Print Our PDF at 100% Scale in A4 and follow Instructions.

WOMEN PDF Shoe Size Chart MEN PDF Shoe Size Chart

Ensure you Measure Length, Width and Ball Girth.

How To Measure Feet For Talaria Shoes

The NOTES tab under CHECKOUT is the place for you to specify your different needs:

-Half Numbers 0,5 sizes available.

-Extra Height (up to +2cm) for adding an Insole.

-Extra Width (up to +2cm) in order to fit better a wider foot.

-Extra Ball Girth (up to +2cm). Compare to our Table below.

EU US UK Length Width Ball Girth EU US UK Length Width Ball Girth
35 4,5 2,5 22.4 cms 7.1 cms 20.6 cms 39 6 6 24.6 cms 8.85 cms 23.4 cms
36 5,5 3,5 22.7 cms 7.3 cms 21 cms 40 7 6,5 25.3 cms 9 cms 23.8 cms
37 6,5 4 23.3 cms 7.5 cms 21.4 cms 41 8 7 26 cms 9.15 cms 24.2 cms
38 7,5 5 24 cms 7.7 cms 21.8 cms 42 9 7,5 26.7 cms 9.3 cms 24.6 cms
39 8,5 6 24.7 cms 7.9 cms 22.2 cms 43 10 8 27.3 cms 9.45 cms 25 cms
40 9,5 6,5 25.3 cms 8.1 cms 22.6 cms 44 11 9,5 28 cms 9.6 cms 25.4 cms
41 10,5 7 26 cms 8.3 cms 23 cms 45 12 10,5 28.7 cms 9.75 cms 25.8 cms
42 11,5 7,5 26.7 cms 8.5 cms 23.4 cms 46 13 11 29.3 cms 9.9 cms 26.2 cms

*NOTE: Choosing different Interiors as Fur/Wool won't affect the fit.

If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate contacting us via Facebook Messenger or at we will gladly help you.

Woman options
Thin rubber sole for comfort. The brown outline leather effect makes it ideal for work. A stylish and comfortable choice.
Rubber Sole Women
Rubber sole with a 3,5cm heel behind. For those seeking a little bit of extra height.
Heel Sole Women
Thicker version of the rubber sole with a rugged outline. Perfect for winter and long walks. Its made for all terrain, isolating from the cold and wet floor.
Track Sole Women
Man Options
Full leather sole stitched to the shoe. Thin, classic and durable.
Leather Sole Men
Rubber is injected in specific areas of the porous leather sole. Our favourite. Super elegant and comfortable. Perfect for the daily city stress.
Mix Sole Men
Durable Rubber sole stitched to the shoe. Ideal for winter or rainy areas while maintaining a thin elegant outline. 
Rubber Sole Men
Thicker version of the rubber sole with a rugged outline. Perfect for winter and long walks. Its made for all terrain, isolating from the cold and wet floor.
Track Sole Men
At Talaria we offer you the possibility to choose the Interior Lining of your shoes. Below you will find a detailed guide on our 4 options: Natural Calf Leather, Waterproof, Fur and Wool.
Natural Calf Leather
Our standard interior. The Spanish calf leather is soft, comfortable and very durable; perfect for a daily use.
Calf Leather Interior Shoes
A waterproof membrane is thermal sealed under our natural calf leather lining to ensure freshness, warmth and water resistance. Texalive membrane, 1mm thick. Perfect combination of style and winter protection.
Waterproof interior Combat boot
Durable and soft, our synthetic Fur lining is perfect for keeping your feet warm during cold winters. Perfect also for those with sensible feet in search of super comfortable shoes.
Flur Interior Combat Boot
For warmth and comfort. Our durable synthetic wool will give you a nice personal touch during the winter cold. (Natural wool under request).
Wool Interior Combat Boot